Sikeston Habitat For Humanity

Sikeston Area Habitat for Humanity develops partnerships to build healthy, affordable homes with and for God's people in need. It promotes self-reliance through homeownership, affirms the dignity of the family, and creates sustainable communities. It puts faith in action, benefiting both the new homeowner and those who built it.

We help build safe, affordable homes for those living in substandard situations. Those who qualify to partner with us to build a home must invest their own 'sweat equity' to work alongside our volunteers. The potential homeowner must meet certain criteria of employment, housing need, and willingness to help. The homes are comparable to other modest new residences; their construction is made possible through the contribution of materials, money, and volunteer labor from our Sikeston area community.

Upon completion, the home is sold to the new homeowner with a no-interest, no-profit mortgage. As those mortgages are paid down, the funds help supplement the construction of other homes. There are no government subsidies or grants involved -- all resources come from individuals and businesses in the Sikeston area. One house at a time -- one nail, one board, and one roof -- help a deserving family move forward the rest of their lives.

Board of Directors -- Ellen Brandom, Karen Evans, Rebecca Steward, David Strom, Steve Borgsmiller, Shelly Taylor, Mary Engram, Robert Murphy, De Bizzell & Becky Wade.

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Sikeston Area Habitat For Humanity
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